Lightning Returns: FF13 - Yusnaan quest items, monster locations, quest drops

Missing an ooze? We've got a spoiler-free guide to tracking down every item you need for completing all the main and side quests in Yusnaan.

There are plenty of quest items to be tracked down in Yusnaan, but you might be a bit wary of spoiling the story by looking through our main walkthrough for the game. With that in mind, we've created a quick-look cheat sheet for where you need to go - and what you need to kill - to finish off for every single quest in the region.

Yusnaan quest item locations.

Quest ItemLocation
Bronze Pocket Watch The final ladder ahead of the Cargo Station in the Industrial Area
Chocobo Girl's Phone Number Behind a poster south of Reveler's Quarter
Clear Ooze Kill the Flanitors found all around Yusnaan
Ether Coil Kill the Desdemona enemies found all around Yusnaan
Firewyrm Scale Kill the Zaltys enemies found in the palace
ID Card Item sphere in the Warehouse District
Jade Hair Combo At the gate halfway along the Supply Line
Poisonous Sting Kill the Anubys enemies in the palace, the Wildlands or the Dead Dunes
Radial Bearing Kill the Hoplites found in the Industrial Area
Single Eye Kill the Cyclops enemies in the palace
Shattered Bone Kill the Skata'ne enemies found all around the region
Sneaking-In Special Ticket Bought for 2,000 Gil from the vendor near the Tour Guide
Statue Fragment Found in the Palace Garden and Augur's Quarter areas

Don't waste any time hunting for quest items in Lightning Returns. We'll help you find them all without spoiling the game.

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