Lightning Returns: FF13 - Luxerion item locations, quest items, monster drops

If you're looking for a spoiler-free guide to hunting down every last Luxerion quest item, take a look through our quick reference chart.

If you're struggling to find a quest item in Luxerion, and don't want to expose yourself to too many spoilers via the meat of our walkthrough, here's a quick cheat sheet for finding whatever you need. There's nothing to hunt down in the main quest of this chapter, but here's how to loot what you need for all of the side quests and Canvas of Prayers content.

Luxerion quest item locations

Quest ItemLocation
Chipped Fang Kill Gorgonopsids in the Dead Dunes
Demon Spicule Kill Gaunt enemies in Forsaken Graveyard
Green Carbuncle Doll On a pile of rubbish by the Forge, between the hours of 9pm and 6am
Liquid Glass Kill Meonektons around Luxerion, between 4am and 6am
Madragora Root Female merchant by the restaurant near the southern station
Motor Oil Kill Gertrudes in the Warren, between 12am and 4am
Niblet Hairball Kill Niblets, found all around Luxerion
Phantom Rose Work your way through Voices From The Grave
Proof of Legendary Title Purchase from Clerics in Luxerion
Quality Machine Oil Kill Dreadnoughts in Forsaken Graveyard
Quill Pen Inside containers at the Old Town Sorcery Ship
Shaolong Gui Shell Merchant by The Forge
Soul Seeds Kill monsters inside the Chaos in the Arcade section of town.
Stormdragon Down Kill Zomok enemies in Forsaken Graveyard
Tattered Leather Kill Rusted Gate and Gremlin enemies in Luxerion
Thunderclap Cap On the floor in the Warehouse District

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