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Zumba Fitness sells three million

One million copies in last two months.

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The Zumba Fitness franchise has sweated out three million copies of tie-in video game Zumba Fitness: Join the Party, publisher Majesco announced today.

The dance workout craze/cult is an unavoidable, regular fixture in the UK's weekly gaming charts. Zumba Fitness has now conquered the top ten 11 weeks in total.

We last heard of Zumba Fitness' sales figures in June when Majesco reported the game had broken the two million barrier. This means it has sold a staggering one million copies in just another two months.

Despite having been released nearly a year ago on Wii (which regularly accounts for at least 90 per cent of copies sold) Zumba Fitness shows no sign of stopping - its sales rose this week by 16 per cent.

Majesco plans no end to the madness - Zumba Fitness 2 launches on Wii this November, with another platform (Kinect maybe?) getting the game in 2012.

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