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Zack & Wiki offends Islam

Capcom removes phrase.

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Capcom has removed an Islamic phrase from forthcoming game Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaro's Treasure, following a series of complaints, is reporting.

Religious group The Council on American-Islamic Relations has praised the publisher for its sensitive actions in removing "Allahu akbar" ("God is most great") from the in-game dialogue.

"We appreciated Capcom's willingness to address Muslim concerns about the use of a religious phrase in an inappropriate context and applaud the company's swift response," said CAIR communications coordinator Amina Rubin.

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaro's Treasure is an exclusive title for Nintendo's Wii, due for release later this year. The offending phrase was included in a recent promotional movie for the game.

"We have already contacted the team working on the game, and the phrase has been removed from the game and will not be heard in future videos released to the public," confirmed a spokesperson from Capcom.

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