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Zack & Wiki gets delayed

Marooned until January.

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Capcom has confirmed our suspicions that promising adventure title Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure won't make it into shops this year.

Instead it will be out on 18th January, amid a much airier and more sparse New Year's release schedule.

Zack & Wiki is a cute and colourful adventure title with a few tricks up its piratical sleeves. The most eye-catching is that your Wiimote becomes the prop you need to solve your problems, so if you need to saw down a tree you will need to replicate a sawing motion. See, a saw.

With clever and intuitive puzzles and built-in hints to help alleviate frustration, all signs point to a well thought-out and exciting prospect - probably why it was on our games to buy this Christmas list.

Oh well. One to help shift the New Year blues instead, then.

Pop over to our first impressions of Zack & Wiki to see what we thought of it.

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