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You'll soon be able to explore Cloudpunk in first-person mode

Go ahead - make my day.

A new first-person perspective will shortly be added to the neon-soaked delivery game Cloudpunk, bringing you closer the sights and delights of Nivalus.

In a brief tweet, Ion Lands' studio head, Marko Dieckmann, showed off the new feature in-game (thanks, PC Gamer).

"You can seamlessly transition from third to first person and switch back to the original camera as well if you prefer that," Dieckmann said. "While driving you can also keep the camera unlocked if you want."

Right now it's only available in beta form, but Dieckmann told excited commenters on Twitter that it will be available in the "main [game] soon". First-person driving is still a work-in-progress, though, as Dieckmann admits it "would be strange without cockpits".

Sadly, I didn't enjoy my time in Cloudpunk. Though undeniably beautiful, I thought it was "all style with little substance", and "perfunctory to the point of dull".

"While it's refreshing to play a game that unashamedly puts the story first and lets us explore this complex universe without a weapon in our hand, neither the story nor its mechanical gameplay offers enough to keep me suitably engaged and entertained," I said in Eurogamer's Cloudpunk review. "It feels as though it's pulling in way too many directions at once, uncertain of its own identity. Despite its stunning aesthetic, sublime score, and intriguing premise, Cloudpunk doesn't quite deliver... which is ironic, really, given that's pretty much all Rania can do."

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