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XCOM: Enemy Unknown patch makes easy difficulty easier, fixes broken SHIVs

Get back in the game soldier.

Firaxis has announced the innards of the second patch for superb turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown and confirmed plans to make the easy difficulty easier.

The patch will be released soon for all versions of the game, a post on the 2K Games forum revealed.

The headline fixes tackle roof visibility issues, game hanging problems and SHIV inaccessibility. That last one is particularly welcome - many players have found their SHIVs (small tanks that take the place of soldiers in combat) bugged so that they can't be used.

Other fixes include the removal of the Snapshot penalty when Overwatching without first moving (go snipers!).

One fix that may or may not make it into the patch is for the defeat screen, which has for some appeared after beating the game. Firaxis is researching this now, but the solution may not make it in time for the second patch.

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