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Watch: Chris teaches Aoife how to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown

"I don't trust anyone that wears a turtleneck."

In a previous episode of Late to the Party, Chris Bratt embarrassed himself by not being very good at Ocarina of Time, a game he'd barely played before that I can pretty much recite step by step from memory. He launched himself headfirst into a Deku Baba, got thrown around by a Skulltula, and defied the Great Deku Tree's orders at every possible opportunity - it was a disaster. So bad was he that an anonymous commenter declared that the video was ruining the game for everyone else on YouTube, but since when does anyone listen to what anonymous YouTube commenters have to say?

Anyway, Chris wasn't impressed by the response and claimed I'd set him up - which to be fair isn't a million miles away from the truth. But, in the interest of serving justice, he's demanded that the tables be turned and I sit down and play a game that he knows very well. Too well, I'd argue. I'd never touched XCOM: Enemy Unknown before we pressed record. Click below to see how it all went down.

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