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Xbox One's headset adapter delayed until 2014

Required for third-party and Xbox 360 headsets.

The Xbox One headset adapter, required to use any third-party headset due to the upcoming console's proprietary headset jack - has been delayed until 2014.

Third-party manufacturer Turtle Beach revealed in a press release that its upcoming headsets, the XO Four and XO Seven, have been pushed back into Q1 2014 due to Microsoft's adapter not being ready. "The Xbox One Headset Adapter, being built by Microsoft and provided to Turtle Beach for inclusion with new gaming headsets, will not be available until early 2014," explained Turtle Beach.

A Turtle Beach rep confirmed to CVG that Microsoft's adapter is required for both new third-party headsets as well as backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 headsets. This adapter will ship in the box with the upcoming Turtle Beach lineup.

On the plus side, the official Xbox One headset will be ready in time for launch and one will be packed in with every console.