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Xbox 360 full-body sensor for E3?

Ambitious peripheral sighted, detailed.

Microsoft may be working on a full-body motion-sensing peripheral for Xbox 360.

Evidence comes from a tipster's image of a white sensor bar under a telly, as reported on Engadget.

The sensor bar apparently features a microphone and camera and detects full-body movement without need of a controller.

Kicks, punches, dives, ducks and jumps will all be reproduced in-game, it says. Even small gestures such as pinching, grabbing and scrolling will register.

Clapping can be used to buzz during quiz games, and players' images will be captured by the camera to represent their contestants' appearance.

Videoconferencing will benefit as users will be able to pick up and move objects in real time while in full view of other participants.

Apparently the sensor can disregard background sound and movement, too.

This may be the E3 announcement Microsoft boss Don Mattrick alluded to recently. "Microsoft is gearing up for a big presence at E3 which will completely transform how people think about home entertainment," he said.

Sony might want some of that limelight for itself, however, as sources recently claimed it too has brand new motion-sensing technology nearing completion.

Meanwhile, the Wii MotionPlus peripheral will boost Nintendo's motion-sensing capabilities this summer when it launches on 12th June.

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