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WOW-themed Peggle released

Is free, has 10 levels.

PopCap has announced the release of 10 special World of Warcraft-themed levels for Peggle.

Blizzard helped make it, and the collection will be a standalone version of Peggle that is free and can be downloaded now.

The themes are backgrounds like the Dark Portal or Illidan, with Peggle blocks arranged around their design. Scenes carry names such as "Too Soon, Executus" and "The Traitor King", plus there are titles "Phat Lewtz", "Pwnyxia" and more to collect.

And you like that sort of thing.

This joint venture follows the integration of Peggle and Bejeweled in World of Warcraft, where adventurers can even use the puzzle games to roll for loot.

And you like that sort of thing.

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