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"Worldwide logistical issues" impact Beyond a Steel Sky console release date

"We deeply apologise for the inconvenience…"

Global supply chain issues have impacted the console release of Beyond a Steel Sky, publisher Microids has said.

"Due to worldwide logistical issues and constraints beyond our control, the game's release date had to be postponed on some platforms in certain territories," Microids said in a note to press.

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This means in the UK, the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and retail Nintendo Switch versions launch 7th December, while the digital Switch version launches earlier, on 30th November.

In North America, the digital Switch version comes out on 7th December, and on 14th December on all other platforms for both retail and digital versions.

In Australia and New Zealand, all retail versions come out on 17th December, while all digital versions release on 30th November.

And in the rest of the world, the Nintendo Switch retail version launches on 2nd December while all other platforms (digital and retail) release on 30th November.

"We deeply apologise for the inconvenience for players eager to get their hands on the game, and we thank you for your understanding," Microids said.

Revolution Software's spiritual successor to the classic '90s adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky launched on iPhones as part of the Apple Arcade subscription service and on PC summer last year.

Vikki Blake penned Eurogamer's Beyond a Steel Sky review, calling it "an unhurried adventure that's a bit too roughly hewn".

Revolution, helmed by Charles Cecil, is the developer of the Broken Sword series. It worked with Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons to create Beyond a Steel Sky's cyberpunk-fuelled, 3D comic book art style.

In the video below, Cecil dives deep into the Beyond a Steel Sky lore:

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Beyond a Steel Sky reintroduces Beneath a Steel Sky protagonist Robert Foster, who returns to Union City 10 years after the events from the original game. Here's the official blurb:

"But this time, Union City seems like a utopia in which people are happy, thanks to the efforts of a new A.I. 'Of course, every utopia is never quite what it seems,' playfully declares Charles. As evidenced by the presence of a class system in this society, with a surprising twist: in Union City, the wealthiest live as close to the ground as possible, while the poorest and the droids live on the upper levels."

Beyond a Steel Sky includes two museums: the Museum of New History, dedicated to Beyond a Steel Sky's lore, and the Museum of Old History where people can learn more about Beneath a Steel Sky.

Charles said: "Hopefully, people will realise that this was our opportunity to convey exposition, because they could choose how much they engaged with, and how much they didn't, and anything that we thought was vital that they did learn we put into the gameplay. I'm really thrilled to be able to bring Beyond A Steel Sky to consoles, and I know the game will appeal both to new players as well as old fans."

Beneath a Steel Sky, meanwhile, is currently free on Steam.

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