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Beneath a Steel Sky sequel delayed into next year

To "ensure that we realise our vision".

Beyond a Steel Sky, the long-awaited sequel to Revolution Software's beloved 90s sci-fi point-and-click adventure Beneath a Steel Sky (in case you hadn't already twigged), will no longer meet its originally anticipated 2019 release window, and is now scheduled to launch next year.

Announcing the delay in its latest blog post, Revolution explained that it has opted extend Beyond a Steel Sky's development time in order to "ensure that we realise our vision" of creating the "most ambitious adventure to date". It doesn't sound like fans will be kept waiting too long, however; Revolution says the game will now arrive "a few months later in 2020".

Beneath a Steel Sky's sequel is being designed by Charles Cecil with art by Dave Gibbons - the duo responsible for the first game - and sees the return of original protagonist Robert Foster, as he navigates a dystopian city ruled by a watchful AI.

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Beyond a Steel Sky will explore themes of "social control and privacy", and its design, according to Revolution, is intended to "embody the spirit of" classic point-and-click adventures, while drawing on modern narrative approaches seen in "walk-'em-ups" like The Chinese Room's Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

Beyond a Steel Sky will be making its way to PC, Apple Arcade, and currently unspecified consoles, and Revolution says it'll confirm a final release date early next year.

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