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Point-and-click adventure sequel Beyond a Steel Sky coming to consoles this November

Releasing on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

Beyond a Steel Sky, the sequel to beloved 90s point-and-click adventure Beneath a Steel Sky, is making the leap to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch on 30th November.

Beyond a Steel Sky, which initially released for iOS and PC last summer, reunites designer Charles Cecil and art director Dave Gibbons - the duo responsible for the first game - for another bout of dystopian sci-fi adventure.

This time around, returning protagonist Robert Foster plots a course for Union City - a fortified utopia in a war-ravaged world, where "people live happily under the surveillance and control of a benign AI" - in search of an abducted child.

Beyond a Steel Sky - Console Release Date Trailer.Watch on YouTube

The ensuing story combines puzzling, hacking, exploration, and ample NPC conversing into an experience that Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake broadly enjoyed back in 2020. "It's an unhurried, intriguing adventure that will likely attract new fans as well as satisfy existing ones," Vikki wrote in her review, "it's just such a shame it's marred by uneven pacing, questionable UI choices, and just one too many performance issues."

A year of post-launch patches appears to have gone some way to addressing Beyond a Steel Sky's rougher spots, meaning those looking for some dystopian sci-fi adventure on consoles might very be intrigued by what the game has to offer.

Beyond a Steel Sky will be available both digitally and physically when it comes to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Switch on 30th November. Two physical versions have been announced: a Steel Book Edition containing the game, a digital soundtrack, and a sticker sheet, plus a Utopia Edition that also chucks in a mini-artbook, a "hologram" lamp, exchangeable dog tags, five Holo-ad cards, an enamel pin, and two XXL premium stickers.