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Wordle getting a tabletop party game


Online puzzle phenomenon Wordle is being turned into physical game.

Wordle owner The New York Times is partnering with Hasbro to release "Wordle: The Party Game" this October, priced $20 (around £17).

The project has been one of Hasbro's fastest ever launches, the company told CNN, with development, production and release set to be completed in less than a year.

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As with the online version of Wordle, players of the party game variant will have six guesses to find a five-letter word. This time around, however, players take turns as host, covering guesses with familiar yellow and green transparant tiles.

Other play options include timed and fast versions which add extra conditions to spice up play, and a team version where two people play off a single board.

Dry-wipe boards, markers and "protective partitions to prevent cheating" are also packed in.

You'll also get an official word list to use, compiled by the New York Times. Presumably that doesn't include the rude words which it cut from the online version.

Wordle exploded in popularity at the end of 2021, and has continued to hit the headlines this year following its acquisition by The New York Times for an "undisclosed price in the low seven figures".

Months later, Wordle's integration into The New York Times ecosystem is still ongoing - and there have been numerous bumps along the way as the newspaper has removed words, and forced a fan archive site offline.

Earlier this week, Spotify revealed it had snapped up Wordle's musical spin-off Heardle for an undisclosed sum.