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WipEout HD on track for "fall"

Trophy support reconfirmed.

Whether it was delayed because of a desire to add new features or an insurmountable technical problem, WipEout HD has been in development for 2097 years, so it's nice to see the PlayStation Blog's Daimion Pinnock reiterate that it's due out "this fall", which is autumn in real money.

Pinnock also repeats some of Sony's promises of this time last month, when we were told to expect "eight reverse tracks, four extra ships, two alternative HUDS, two-player offline split-screen and XMB Trophy support".

"More to come on Trophies soon, don't you worry," writes Pinnock. "We'll be back with more on WipEout HD in the coming weeks, including the details on trophies, price, and release date - see keep your eyes peeled for more here on the PS Blog!" he concludes.

Not much more than we knew already, then, but it's nice to know that Sony still intends to release the game this year, and hopefully sooner rather than later. Check out our rapidly-ageing WipEout HD PS3 hands-on preview from a few months back to find out why this slice of 1080p, 60fps racing is worth keeping a light on for.