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Will Sony's cross-gen U-turn hold PS5 games back? It's the Eurogamer News Cast!

Generation dead.

There can be no doubting the big news of the week: Sony's cross-gen U-turn. It's the hot topic of discussion during this week's Eurogamer News Cast, which you can watch in the video below:

Eurogamer News Cast: will Sony's cross-gen U-turn hold PS5 games back?Watch on YouTube

This week Sony confirmed God of War: Ragnarok, which was originally announced for a PlayStation 5 release in 2021, is delayed into next year, and will now also launch on PlayStation 4.

That's not all! Polyphony's hotly-anticipated Gran Turismo 7, which Sony had said was a PS5 exclusive, is also coming to PS4.

As you'd expect, these announcements sparked a vociferous debate, with many picking out PlayStation boss Jim Ryan's prior "... we believe in generations" quote as evidence of Sony's hypocrisy. But perhaps the more important question is this: will these PS5 games now be held back by being cross-gen on PS4?

Join Eurogamer reporter Emma Kent, news editor Tom Phillips and me as we discuss what Sony's business strategy means for PS5, what we expect from E3, and our regular 'what we've been playing' and mug check segments.

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