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Wii U Zelda: Wind Waker out in October, fancy new bits detailed

Send messages in bottles to beaches in other people's games.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will be released on Wii U in October and has some fancy new additions.

One feature sorely missed in the GameCube original is the new ability to speed up your boat. A clip shown in the Nintendo Direct E3 broadcast demonstrated the boat's sail turning an orangey red and the vessel noticeably picking up speed.

Another new feature reworks the old Tingle Tuner integration made possible by linking a GameBoy Advance to the GameCube. It's different now because the Tingle Tuner has become the Tingle Bottle. When you find the the Tingle bottle you can start putting messages in bottles and throwing them in the sea in your game. They'll become Miiverse comments and, best of all, they can wash up in bottles on beaches in other people's games. You can even attach a screenshot from your game using the camera in Wind Waker.

On top of that, the cel-shaded and already gorgeous Wind Waker visuals are now even more gorgeous - rendered in 1080p with new shader effects and "refined" textures.

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