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Wii U exclusive Fatal Frame 5 shows off clever GamePad controls

But will it launch in Europe?

A new trailer for Wii U-exclusive survival horror Fatal Frame/Project Zero 5 has demonstrated a nifty use of the GamePad controller for the title's in-game camera.

Gameplay segments see you holding up the GamePad to snap selfies of the supernatural beasties.

The camera's viewfinder is recreated on the GamePad's touchscreen, where you can focus in and then photograph the monsters. It's like a spookier version of Pokémon Snap.

Fully titled as Fatal Frame 5: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden, the game is a joint project between series developer Tecmo Koei and platform holder Nintendo, which now co-owns the Fatal Frame/Project Zero IP.

Fatal Frame 5 will launch in Japan on 27th September but there's no word yet on whether the game will get an English-language release.

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