Fatal Frame: The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden

When hearing the worlds 'video game camera' it's hard not to imagine the free-floating, functional thing dutifully framing your character's butt as they traverse the game world. Some games, however, do things a bit differently - putting a camera into the hands of the characters themselves.

Wii U exclusive Fatal Frame 5 shows off clever GamePad controls

A new trailer for Wii U-exclusive survival horror Fatal Frame/Project Zero 5 has demonstrated a nifty use of the GamePad controller for the title's in-game camera.

Gameplay segments see you holding up the GamePad to snap selfies of the supernatural beasties.

The camera's viewfinder is recreated on the GamePad's touchscreen, where you can focus in and then photograph the monsters. It's like a spookier version of Pokémon Snap.

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