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Wii browser trial launches

We have a play around.

The Nintendo Wii version of the Opera web browser is now available to download from the Wii Shop. Grab it and it opens up an "Internet Channel" link on your Wii homepage.

Nintendo says the trial version's functionality is limited in this release, but early impressions are fairly impressive - not only can you load up and read your average text-based site, but heavily Flash and video-based sites like YouTube work fine too.

It's also possible to do things like check your Gmail, although I wasn't able to convince the Wii to remember my username and password for it, even when I checked the little box that told it to.

Operation of the browser in general is very simple, with a start page that allows you to input web addresses and view a simple control diagram, and a favourites page that lets you save simple one-button shortcuts to pages you've visited.

Scrolling is handled by directing the pointer at blue arrows at top and bottom, and then holding B. The further to the top or bottom of the screen you direct the pointer, the faster you scroll.

It's also possible to zoom in and out using the plus and minus buttons, which is handy for reading text on a composite video connection, I can tell you.

Anyway, if you fancy a go, it's free now from the Wii Shop. Just visit the Wii Software page. The browser will occupy 278 blocks of the Wii flash-drive.

Nintendo has previously said that the full version of the browser will be released in March 2007, and will be available for free until June, after which you'll be expected to pay 500 Wii points to download it.

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