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Why Crash wasn't in Burnout Paradise

Criterion saved it for Burnout Crash!

Wondered why 2008 racing game Burnout Paradise didn't have the series' popular Crash mode?

Developer Criterion was saving Crash mode for downloadable spin-off Burnout Crash!

"This is a small project led by Richard Franke, who is the game director, and James Warren, who is our Kinect programmer," Alex Ward, creative director of Criterion, said during a behind closed doors presentation of the game in the US last week attended by Eurogamer.

"This has been a small team of guys working for about a year at Criterion on a small downloadable game.

"If you played Burnout Paradise, everybody asked me at the time why we didn't put Crash mode in. This was why.

"It was always our intention."

In previous Burnout games Crash mode was a mode in which players were given dedicated scenarios in which to cause the biggest crash.

Crash mode was nowhere to be seen, however, in the open world driving game Burnout Paradise.

Instead, a mode called Showtime allowed players to bounce their vehicles around for as long as possible to gain points.

Burnout Crash!, announced on Friday, is a download only top-down game based on Crash mode.

EA said the UK studio has gone back to its roots by bringing the popular Crash mode to the forefront.

You're rewarded for crashing into cars, EA said, and triggering explosions. Autolog lets you compare high scores. New Autolog Challenges let you go head to head with your friends.

Crash! is inspired by pinball, retro music and game shows.