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White PS3 coming to America

FCC paperwork says so.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Filings at the Federal Communications Commission have indicated the Ceramic White PlayStation 3 is on its way to North America.

The white PS3 was released in Japan last November. For JPY 39,980 (GBP 190 / EUR 260), you get a 40GB machine and a white DualShock 3.

Now the FCC documents have revealed Sony submitted the unit to the FCC and the American Telecommunications Certification Body in October. The company asked for short-term confidentiality "to avoid premature release of sensitive information prior to marketing or release of the product to the public".

You can see a picture of the white PS3 the FCC used for testing over on their website, if you're that bothered.

SCEA has yet to give any indication of a release date.

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