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White Knight Chronicles II for Europe

PS3 RPG with online co-op for six!

PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles II has been announced on the European PlayStation blog - it's coming to Europe. Unfortunately there's no indication of when.

Instead we're given a summary of the game's most eye-catching features: a 30-hour RPG storyline, redesigned combat that's deeply customisable and online co-op for six people - either questing, free roaming or building a dynamic town. Voice and keyboard chat compliments the latter.

White Knight Chronicles II was released for Japan last summer, where it picked up 33/40 from publisher-funded magazine Famitsu. Wikipedia mentions a bizarre feature whereby developer Level-5 demands you finish White Knight Chronicles 1 before you can play WKC2. Odd - we'll investigate.

Eurogamer awarded the Western, International Edition of White Knight Chronicles 7/10.

White Knight Chronicles is also heading to PSP, courtesy of a Matrix Corp.-developed game subtitled Origins. Events here take place a mere 10,000 years before WKC1. There's a 30-hour story to unravel, co-op for four and you can trade quests and avatars with friends.

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