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What we've spotted in the new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer

Linking up the pieces.

So, that new trailer, eh? Of course Nintendo was going to leave it until the very end of last night's Direct.

And wow. We got small teases of the story plus a look at new enemies and powers. Plus, confirmation of the game's retail price and a snazzy collector's edition.

Theories abound right now about what it all means, so let's dive in and analyse the trailer to see what we can figure out!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Official Trailer #2Watch on YouTube

The trailer starts out with a shot looking across a rainy and gloomy Hyrule. We then get a glimpse at a monster camp. You may spot the Bokoblin standing at the top of the tower, but what's more noticeable is the new enemy type flying overhead. Whilst it's not the same as the Keese design in Breath of the Wild (where the body is just one big eyeball), they're very similar to the Keese in past games (including Skyward Sword…), albeit larger and more monstrous. These beefed up Keese are later shown flying whilst carrying Bokoblins as well.

We then get a shot which shows Sheikah Towers in the distance. They're lit up by some lights from the ground rather than the blue hue they give off once activated, perhaps suggesting they've been corrupted by malice in some way? There's a glowing structure located in the middle of the shot, which we haven't seen before.

The malice seems to be much more widespread than in BOTW, as a monster camp is set up in the midst of this malice on the ground. A Bokoblin can also be seen mining some ore, perhaps suggesting some increased intelligence? Other looks at the Bokoblins, Moblins and Hinox(es?) show they have some changes, including larger horns. Finally, this camp is located in a forest of trees which look like mushrooms, something which has not been spotted in this Hyrule before.

The narration, which has been discussed by Ed already, is shown over a few different shots. The first shows Hyrule Castle shrouded in malice in the distance. Death Mountain can also be seen spewing malice in the background. A three-headed fire-breathing dragon is standing on a bridge over Lake Hylia, which fans are speculating could be a Gleeok from the very first Zelda game.

Next up, Hateno is shown, and the Ancient Tech Lab is in ruins. What happened to Purah and Symin? And what's the odd glowing structure on that higher section of the cliff? Very faintly in the background, something tall and glowing blue can be seen, which looks like an activated Sheikah Tower.

The next thing of interest is Link standing on some kind of Sheikah contraption. The glyphs have been translated by fans on reddit and apparently they say "TRANSPORT". Is this taking you from Hyrule to the floating islands? Or is this how you get to shrines, should they exist?

Here, we’re shown a completely new enemy, a large blocky figure. Whilst not completely identical, the colours and markings on the blocks are reminiscent of the buildings you see in the Lanayru region in Skyward Sword.

We get another glimpse at the floating islands, shown above Castle Hyrule on the ground, as they trail off into the distance. Some islands look to be stacked above each other, and one to the right looks like it's just a solid cube. "But Link, I'm not sure you'll be able to stop him," we hear Zelda say. "Him" being Ganondorf?

Back on the ground, we see Link running across Hyrule, showing more of how it has changed since the events of BOTW. A tower can be spotted in the distance, and a mural has been etched into the grass below. We then see Link using a new arrow type which seems to hone in on enemies (no more awkward aiming with the gyroscope!).

We see Link use his telekinetic powers to rotate a huge object. We get an even closer look at his hand when a figure is shown reaching out towards him. Who is this person? Is it Zelda? Could it be the mysterious figure shown in the previous trailer?

I don’t think it’s too presumptuous to suggest that is Link's hand, because directly after he's shown inspecting his hand and yep, it looks the same to me. Those odd canisters Victoria and Ed mentioned previously on Link's hip can be seen too, though we still have no clue on what they are.

Link now has a fleet of vehicles he can use to traverse Hyrule, it seems. He has a makeshift car (complete with headlights!), a hot air balloon, and a hovercraft. These don't glow blue like the Sheikah technology in BOTW, but more of a green colour. The colour scheme of the car in particular screams Lanayru a la Skyward Sword.

Finally, we have to talk about what's going on in the trailer post-logo. Link is facing Ganon, who has malice coming out of his chest. The Master Sword is also covered in malice, and once we get a closer look at Link we can see that his whole arm has been corrupted. Link is then shown diving in the air whilst reaching out to Zelda, who is falling backwards. "Please, lend him your power," Zelda says. Who is she talking to? Is this an address to the goddess Hylia? A Link from a different timeline?

The new trailer hasn't answered many of our questions. In fact, I now have several more. Who is Zelda talking to? What happened at the Ancient Tech Lab? How does travelling between Hyrule and the islands work? And what's going on with the Sheikah Towers??

I'm sure there's plenty of other details I missed in the trailer - so what else have you spotted? Let me know what you think all of this means in the comments. Meanwhile, I'll be sitting here crying tears of the waiting (for three more months to pass).