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Watch P.T. mashed up with The Stanley Parable's narrator

"I'm getting weirded out by whatever this place is."

Ever wonder what Kojima Production's first-person horror teaser P.T. would look like if it were narrated by that charming omniscient voice from The Stanley Parable? Well wonder no further as YouTuber it's a mirage has made a video of just that.

Utilising some choice soundbites from Galactic Cafe's first-person meta comedy adventure, this mash-up manages to effortlessly blend The Stanley Parable's narrator into P.T.'s bewilderingly obscure design.

While there aren't enough fitting phrases and locations to complete an entire narrative arch, this hilarious hybrid is still wildly entertaining as Stanley/Norman Reedus and the voice in his head go off in search of a story only to encounter more than they bargained for.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Stanley P.T
Norman Reedus IS Stanley.