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Watch: How these games predicted the future with spooky accuracy

Plus more videos from Outside Xbox.

The speculative fiction of videogames is generally no more capable of predicting the future than horoscopes or US election polls. Occasionally, though, a game predicts future events with the spooky foresight that would have gotten you burned as a witch in the 16th century.

Global politics, scientific breakthroughs, the results of major sporting events - discover the times games foretold them in the video below.

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No less turbulent or unpredictable than world history, Mike brings his chaotic Dishonored play style to bear in the below Dishonored 2 gameplay footage. In it, he and I visit a creepy medical facility on a remote island, there to put an end to the infamous Crown Killer.

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Finally in this week's Outside Xbox update, we give Watch Dogs 2 a whirl for Show of the Week.

Watch Dogs 2 builds on the potential of the original game with verve and co-op, and teaches valuable lessons about how to breach secure computer systems. Show of the Week inspects this open-world techno adventure, then recalls the various things other games taught us about hacking.

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Congratulations! You have reached the end of this Outside Xbox update. Meet us back here in a week for further videos, or why not take a trip to for more right now?

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