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Watch: Games nearly ruined by one terrible level

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Greetings Eurogamers. We do our very best to make these weekly video digests a consistently enjoyable experience, making sure that, say, the middle video isn't so profoundly irritating that it spoils your entire day.

So why is it that so many great games can't resist adding a half-baked mounted gun section, a first-person platforming bit or, worst of all, a twitchy mandatory racing sequence? Here are eight great games that were very nearly ruined by one level. You know the one.

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Talking of ruining levels, we very nearly ruined the newly announced Sinai Desert level in Battlefield 1 for the rest of our team-mates, bankrupting the Ottoman Empire war effort by crashing all its only-recently-invented aeroplanes. Still, a bit of cunning sniping might help turn the tide.

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Finally this week's Show of the Week ponders BioShock: The Collection and poses the question: why would anyone actually want to live in an underwater metropolis or a flying racist Disneyland? Or indeed in one of these other troubled video game cities, for that matter.

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Thanks for watching and hopefully that difficult middle video wasn't too much of a slog. If you're interested in more of this sort of thing, then head over to our YouTube channel where we make lots more of this sort of thing. See you there perhaps?

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