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Watch: Eurogamer takes on Outside Xbox at Micro Machines World Series

Baby drivers.

Micro Machines games have been long due a comeback. They came close three years ago, in fact, when Codemasters released the 'totally not Micro Machines' game Toybox Turbos.

At some point between then and now, Codies must have been able to reacquire the license because next month sees the return of the tiny tabletop racers in Micro Machines World Series.

There are a host of new additions to Micro Machines World Series, helping to bring the gameplay up to date. These include online multiplayer for up to 8 players, weapon pickups inspired by Toybox Turbos and best of all, Brian Blessed is in the game providing the voice of the race announcer.

There are plenty of nods to the original Micro Machines games as well, including the return of classic drivers like Spider, Walter and Violet.

Anyone who played Micro Machines back in the day will know that the most fun to be had with the game is in local multiplayer. I decided to test out World Series by challenging Mike and Ellen from Outside Xbox to a few rounds of Elimination followed by a fight to the death on the new Free-for-all mode. You can watch the chaos unfold in the video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoMicro Machines World Series Gameplay - Outside Xbox vs. Outside Xtra vs. Eurogamer!

What was your favourite Micro Machines game? I'll always have a place in my heart for the original which I played to death on the Amiga. Elsewhere, lovely Eurogamer guides writer, Matt Reynolds, tells me he was "obsessed with V3 for forever".