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Watch: We talk about the reaction to Life is Strange with its creators

Arcadia Baes is back, with reputable company.

Ever since Life is Strange Season One ended a few months ago, we still occasionally bring it up in the office and mull over the many unanswered questions left hanging by the game's multiple endings and open-ended story threads. I'm still confused as to the relationship between Nathan Prescott and Mark Jefferson. Tom is curious as to what would have happened to Max and Chloe had they left town together to start a new life. Johnny just really wants to know why Frank loves beans so much.

So, since the game just recently launched as a physical and complete Collector's Edition, we were keen to catch up with Dontnod to see if they'd answer any of the questions above, what they thought of the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Life is Strange, and what they have in store for Season Two. Johnny also asked what they thought of the super racy fanart floating around on Tumblr. You can always count on him to lower the tone.

The resulting podcast, in which Johnny and Tom chat with Life is Strange's co-director Raoul Barbet and producer Luc Baghadoust, is available on YouTube and SoundCloud below. What would you like to see from a Season Two?

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