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Watch: Chris and Aoife play Super Mario Odyssey

Hat's entertainment.

Between the reference-packed streets of New Donk City and the fact Mario's hat is now a sentient being called Cappy, I think Super Mario Odyssey might be the strangest Mario game to date - no mean feat, given he's spent over 30 years stomping on goombas, flying about in space and turning into a plethora of different animals.

That Nintendo can continue to be so innovative after so many iterations in the same franchise is a testament to the company's creative clout and, for my money, Odyssey looks like a must-have set to crown off a phenomenal year for the publisher. Don't take my word for it though, I haven't played it - thankfully, Aoife and Chris have.

Below you can see ten minutes of gameplay across two different kingdoms, the Sand Kingdom and Metro Kingdom - aka New Donk City. As well as showing off these environments, the video below will give you a good look at how Mario uses cappy to get about the place, including an intriguing bit of body snatching. Apologies in advance for Chris' spectacular failure to understand how the flick mechanic works.

I think the only thing I'm unsure of with regards to Super Mario Odyssey is the heavy reliance on motion controls. Personally I use my Switch a lot while out and about, so the idea of flailing my arms around on the train doesn't really appeal. Other than that, as Aoife says, take me down to the New Donk City.

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