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Watch: Chris and Aoife play Layers of Fear on PS4

Easel-ly frightened.

Layers of Fear has been available on Steam Early Access for a while, but it launches on PS4 this week - the 16th of February to be precise. It's a psychological horror game in the same vein as Amnesia and the ill-fated Silent Hills demo P.T, you're stuck wandering around a creepy old mansion with nothing to defend yourself with, and nothing to keep you company but your own decaying mind.

To compare it too much to either of the above games seems a little unfair though; Layers of Fear has an aesthetic and theme all its own. I sat down to play the PS4 version last week, and because misery loves company, I forced Chris Bratt to sit down and endure it with me. It's from the start, so there aren't too many spoilers, but do be wary if you want to go into the game completely fresh. And I'm sorry for the screaming.

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