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Warhammer PSP/DS unveiled

Online options and all. Autumn.

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THQ has unveiled Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command for Nintendo DS and PSP, a turn-based strategy game due out in the autumn.

You'll get to take up the mantle of those fun-loving Space Marines as you battle the forces of Chaos through 13 cinematically bound missions under the banner of the Ultramarines chapter.

There's also support for "global multiplayer" featuring nine unique missions, and THQ says it will "fully utilise all the portable functionality of the PSP and the Nintendo DS, including the dual-screen and stylus".

"Bringing the Warhammer 40,000 universe to handheld systems creates exciting new game play options for fans across the globe," says THQ's Bob Aniello.

"An all-new single-player storyline and the ability to battle head-to-head with anyone in the world make this an exciting addition to the Warhammer 40,000 library."

Look out for more soon, and in the meantime you can pop over to our Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command PSP screenshot gallery for some, well, guess.

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