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Warhammer Online coming to Mac

Beta version now, release in autumn.

Mythic has revealed that it's developing an Apple Mac version of its fantasy MMO, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The Mac version of the game will be released this autumn, but it's already available in a beta version from the Mythic webiste. Existing players can use it with their game accounts, while anyone else is free to try it out with a 10-day trial account.

Once the client is officially released, players using it will receive exclusive in-game titles - "I'm an Order" or "I'm a Destruction" - and an "iPomme" in-game trophy.

Like many PC-to-Mac ports, Mythic is using TransGaming's technology to get WAR up and running on Apple machines. TransGaming was also behind the Mac versions of City of Heroes and EVE Online, which along with World of Warcraft and the imminent WAR, make MMOs a relatively well-represented genre on the platform.

Warhammer Online has recently been updated with the Land of the Dead zone as part of its Call to Arms "live expansion". We'll be giving the game a full re-review soon.

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