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Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance launches proper this week

UPDATE: Android version out now.

UPDATE 24/04/2014: The Android version of Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance is out now on the Google Play store.

There it costs £2.99.

ORIGINAL STORY 31/03/2014: Lane strategy game Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance launches proper this week after a stint as a Steam Early Access game.

The game, developed by UK studio Eutechnyx, launches on iOS and Steam on 3rd April. It features cross-platform multiplayer, so PC players can play against iOS players. On Steam it costs £6.99.

A raft of DLC packs will be sold from then, including new units the Ork Stormboy, The Dark Angel and The Deathwing Terminator. There are new Ork Clan skins, too, so you can play as either the Bad Moons or Death Skulls clans as well as the Goff clan, which comes with the game.

Find out more about how it plays from Eurogamer's Storm of Vengeance preview.

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