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WAR doubles XP for open-world warfare

Trying to stimulate barren battlefields.

Mythic has announced that it's doubling the experience rewards for killing enemy players in open-world realm-versus-realm warfare, relative to the game's instanced Scenario battlefields.

Since the game launched, there have been long queues for the excellent instanced Scenarios, whereas the game's dedicated open-world battlefields have been relatively quiet. Mythic has previously bumped open RVR experience up by 50 per cent in order to stimulate this, and it's now increasing the reward to 100 per cent.

"With the addition of the new region-wide and RvR-wide chat channels we have seen a marked increase in Open RvR participation. In order to encourage this trend even further, we have made an additional adjustment to the experience awarded for killing enemy players in an Open RvR area," the company said on the game's website.

"Previously we increased this amount by 50 per cent. As of today, that bonus has been raised to 100 per cent. With this change players killed in Open RVR will now be worth double the experience than those killed in scenarios!"

For more on WAR, check out the gamepage.

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