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Wadjet Eye Games is working on a new Blackwell game due next year

Gemini Rue due on iOS in a few months.

Indie adventure game publisher Wadjet Eye Games has revealed that a fifth game in its cult favourite Blackwell series is on the docket.

Wadjet Eye founder Dave Gilbert told Polish publication (via VG247) that production on the next Blackwell title has already begun and more will be revealed in a few months once the studio wraps up the iOS port of its sci-fi adventure Gemini Rue.

The mystery series follows paranormal investigator Rosa Blackwell and her wise cracking ghost partner, Joey Mallone, a private eye who died in the 1930s (which means he gets to sport a nifty spectral fedora for all eternity). Previous entries have included The Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound, Blackwell Convergence and most recently, Blackwell Deception, which came out October last year.

Blackwell Deception.