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Video: When games humiliate us with pity

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Everyone needs an occasional helping hand in a game, but usually it's a furtive visit to a strategy guide or a video walkthrough. When developers start to program failure-sensitive helping hands into their games, and we activate them - then comes the abject humiliation. "So you do this for a living?" loved ones will sometimes ask.

Hideo Kojima, for example, recently presented a new addition to Big Boss's arsenal for Metal Gear Solid 5: a chicken hat. The hat makes guards ignore you, which makes the game easier, but you will look ridiculous, and Kojima is literally calling you a chicken. As the video below shows, this is only the latest in a long and embarrassing history of games taking pity on us for being rubbish at them.

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Hopefully we will manage on our own in Dying Light, the open-world zombie basher from the delicious brains behind Dead Island, which features the same likeable B-movie schlock but on a substantially bigger budget. Show of the Week inspects the game's parkouring action and how its unique undead variants stack up against the ickiest special zombies in other zombie games.

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Speaking of zombies, Resident Evil HD Remaster also came out this week, jazzing up the 2002 GameCube remake for the new consoles. The original Resident Evil is famed for its eccentric voice acting and cheesy lines, but the script was rewritten for the GameCube version to make it sound marginally more natural. We get these new lines in this 2015 remaster; compare and contrast the rewritten scenes in the following video.

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