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Video: We play Heat Signature with Tom Francis

"You took a gunship to a hijack mission."

You might have seen Tom Francis join us on last week's Eurogamer Show to talk about his rather excellent GameMaker tutorials, but that wasn't the only reason we wanted to catch up with him. Following the success of Gunpoint, he's now working on a new game and we wanted to see where it's at.

Heat Signature is still in development, with no set release date, but it's now starting to take shape. It's still a game about flying around in a spaceship whilst trying to find inventive ways to kill people, but it now features things like a galaxy map (that appears to run in real-time) and various factions that you can work for, or methodically tear apart.

I get the impression that Francis hasn't quite settled on what this game should look like upon release, but I've enjoyed following its progress and was eager to have a muck around with an early build all the same. So join me in the video below as I do just that!

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