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Video: Scared shipless in Monstrum

A procedurally generated PC horror with Oculus Rift support.

Thanks to Amnesia and Slender, the survival horror genre is well and truly reborn with a new first-person format. You can't move for these games at the moment, and at EGX Rezzed we encountered our first big-budget, big-publisher specimen in the form of Sega and Creative Assembly's terrific Alien: Isolation.

Also at Rezzed was Monstrum from Scottish indie Team Junkfish. Like Alien, it pits you against a single, absolutely terrifying monster. Unlike Alien - and like the fortcoming Daylight from Zombie Studios - Monstrum uses procedurally generated maps to avoid scripted set-piece scares and keep the game fresh every time you play it. It's set in the maze-like corridors of a rusting ship, and features Oculus Rift support for those who really want to scare themselves silly.

Ian tried the game on a Rift at Rezzed and chatted to Jaime Cross from Team Junkfish, who've also supplied us with some exclusive game footage. Check it out, along with Jaime's comments and Ian's impressions, below.

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