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Video: Attacking the shopkeeper in Abyss Odyssey

ACE Team's new action-RPG is out this week.

Attacking the shopkeeper in a game is never a good idea. If you're playing Dark Souls, you can't buy any arrows for the next 20 hours. If you're playing Spelunky, you're dead. But that doesn't deter Ian "the Tesco killer" Higton when he's offered the chance to murder a humble merchant in his Let's Play video of Abyss Odyssey below.

Abyss Odyssey is the new game from those crazy Chileans at ACE Team, makers of Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages. They're famed for their visual imagination and the warped enemy designs and sumptuous Art Nouveau aesthetic of Abyss Odyssey (no, not Abe's Oddysee) don't disappoint. It's a procedurally generated action-RPG which plays like a good old-fashioned 2D beat-'em-up and it's out this week on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Look out for a review later in the week. For now, enjoy Ian's foolhardiness and his cat sleeping in a weird position by pressing play just down there.

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