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Using Wiimote as mouse "would be a waste" - Telltale

Fortunately has other ideas.

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Sam & Max developer Telltale Games is enjoying its work on Nintendo Wii, and won't stop at simply using the Wiimote as a replacement for the PC mouse.

"I had this great idea where you strap the controllers to your legs and walk around," senior designer Dave Grossman told 4 Color Rebellion.

"Which we're not doing, unfortunately, but we are doing more than just using the pointer like a mouse. That would be a waste of an opportunity."

"Designing for the Wii is pretty interesting, by the way - it forces you to think in a different way than you're used to," he added.

Elsewhere, Telltale CEO Dan Connors was asked whether the developer's Wii content would be released through Virtual Console or retail. "This hasn't been decided yet," he said. "We'd be open to either."

Don't expect to see Telltale games on the DS in the same timeframe, though. Telltale is porting its PC development tools over to consoles so it can get to work, but Connors says that the technology on DS is so different to PC and other consoles that it's prohibitive.

"We would have to completely rework our development tools, and that's not something we're doing right now," he said - although he admitted that Telltale is watching the progress of Deck13's DS port of adventure game Ankh closely in case it turns out well.

One thing Telltale will be doing in the future is revisiting the Bone series of adventure game episodes.

Connors said that while the developer's focus has understandably been on Sam & Max and "nailing the episodic model", lessons learned there have put them in "a great position to take advantage of the Bone licence" even though the dev-teams are busy right now.

"As the company grows we will revisit Bone," he added.

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