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Upgrade your gaming setup with this 5-in-1 bundle of accessories for just £135

Nab a gaming chair, headset, microphone and more in this solid set of equipment that’ll get the job done.

Black Friday 2022 is ongoing and the majority of the second day has already flown by. There are, however, still plenty more deals to be had, and if you happen to be looking for a solid round up of PC gaming accessories in one relatively cheap bundle, we’ve got you covered.

Very have this ultra-affordable Trust Ultimate PC Gaming 5-in-1 bundle up for just short of £135, netting you a saving of £108 from its RRP.

So what is it you get in this bundle?

First off, let’s talk about the gaming chair, more specifically the GXT1701 Ryon chair. It comes in black and is a seat that’s been designed for hours of gaming. It features a full 360-degree rotatable base, as well as a tilt-able seat with the ability to adjust the chair’s height.

Next up in this bundle, you’ll be getting the GXT 830-RW Avonn wired keyboard, a full-size layout that features 12 additional buttons to control your system’s multimedia. To make it stand out when it comes to the visuals, this has adjustable brightness and a ‘Game mode’ switch for arguably the most important visual element introduced in gaming setups over the past few years – RGB!

Moving onto the third component of this bundle, the headset included is the GXT307 Ravu, which boasts a couple of features that make it a flexible option. For example, the adjustable headband and fold-away microphone lets you customise your desired level of comfort and preference. It also has settings for volume and mic-muting, and its cable runs for a total of 2 metres, giving you ample amounts of space to use it from, with a bonus 20cm cable that’ll act as a further extension for PCs if needed.

The included GXT 930 Jacx RGB wired mouse features full RGB lighting – sitting perfectly alongside the aforementioned keyboard. It also features a core DPI resolution of 6400, which, many might consider a bit too much...As Digital Foundry’s Will Judd says, “extremely high (>3200) DPI options aren't evidence of a good sensor”.

Finally, this bundle comes with a microphone, opening up an avenue for you to engage vocally with friends online whilst playing games – the GXT 239 Nepa wired microphone is able to be positioned to your liking with its bendable neck.

All-in-all, this bundle isn’t necessarily the absolute best you’re going to find in each of these categories, but it’s most certainly a pretty decent starting point for an entry-level gaming setup. At £135, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

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