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Universe at War beta sign-ups

Now. Starts 15th August.

SEGA has bellowed across the Internet that the beta sign-ups for Universe at War are now open.

Testing will begin on 15th August, so head over to the website and get your name down pronto.

Universe at War: Earth Assault is the real-time strategy game being created by Empire at War developer Petroglyph Games. It was recently revealed to be the first third-party title to support cross-platform play between PC and Xbox 360.

Multiplayer will be a key component to its success, then, and we're promised plenty of variety and balance in this department. Particularly interesting is the "Conquer the World" mode, a persistent and on-going battle between the various factions for ultimate supremacy.

Unfortunately SEGA was unavailable to tell us if and when a 360 beta would start, but we'll keep you posted.

Head over to our PC and Xbox 360 gamepages for more information.

We hope to bring you our thoughts on the game soon.