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"Unbannable" Apex Legends cheater faces potential legal action

Tufi or not Tufi.

Respawn recently reassured players that it was exploring "every avenue" to take down Apex Legends cheaters - legal action being one of them - and it seems one high-profile cheater is already facing something worse than the ban hammer. Prolific cheater Tufi, who some in the Apex Legends community have described as a "God" and "unbannable" cheater, is apparently facing some form of legal action from Respawn - although details remain light on exactly how far this has progressed.

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Earlier this week Apex Legends streamer Tanner "Rogue" Trebb announced during a stream that Tufi was "in jail", later clarifying in a Reddit comment that the jail comment was a joke, but reaffirming that Tufi is facing legal action and "100 percent in the courts no basketball".

Dot Esports contacted Respawn and was told the developer was unable to discuss the matter, citing an inability to comment on legal action.

Tufi is known in the Apex Legends community for targeting the game's Ranked lobbies with cheats and hacks, and seems to have been getting away with this for quite some time. He's allegedly used DDoS attacks on tournament games, and pestered streamers like Shivam "ShivFPS" Patel with stream sniping and hacks. (Shiv actually got a temporary Twitch ban for a tirade against Tufi after being "pushed to edge for days on end".)

For his own part, Tufi claims that he has not been banned nor is facing legal action, releasing a video of himself cheating in Season 9 to "prove" this. The comment from Respawn does suggest that some form of legal action is taking place, however, so hopefully this is the end of Tufi's reign of terror.

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