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UK Inversion release date tweaked

Gravity-defying shooter by TimeShift dev.

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Namco Bandai will release physics-bending first-person shooter Inversion on 10th February 2012 in the UK.

That's two days later than originally planned. The date is now a Friday, rather than a Wednesday, which makes sense.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 shooter has chunky alien enemies, meaty-looking weapons and a familiar looking cover-system. So far, so Gears of War.

But developer Saber is hoping the addition of a gravity gun and clever use of Havok physics will spice the mix up.

Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell went hands-on with Inversion last year and noted that "a lot more of the world is rigged to give way than you would expect." He watched as a bridge with aliens on was toppled because a support strut was destroyed.

He added: "You can snipe an enemy on a distant rooftop and watch him fall 50 stories, dismembering and destroying scaffolding in the process."

Which sounds like a lot of fun.

A gravity-defying Inversion trailer.

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