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Ubisoft bringing Cubic Ninja to 3DS

Square up to oddball platformer.

Ubisoft has just announced plans to localise cute 2D platformer Cubic Ninja for the 3DS.

The game sees you guiding the titular death-dealing box through more than 100 levels in order to save a kidnapped princess and some ninja chums.

Although there's an option to play with the circle pad, you can control the game entirely by tilting and turning the device thanks to the built-in gyroscope.

Given that the tilt controls render the handheld's stereoscopic 3D effect unusable, Cubic Ninja will only be playable in 3D if you use the circle pad controls.

On top of the standard campaign, there's also a level editor promised as well as a challenge mode that tasks you with racing through levels against the clock.

The game is developed by Japanese outfit AQ Interactive. Best known as publisher of the likes of Vampire Rain, Blue Dragon Plus and Bullet Witch, Cubic Ninja will be one of its first in-house projects.

No exact release date has been announced but expect it on shelves some time this summer. Check out the screens below for a closer look.

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