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Ubi plans Assassin's Creed encyclopedia

Will pay eloquent superfan to write it.

Ubisoft has put a recruiting call for an Assassin's Creed buff to help pen a forthcoming franchise encyclopedia.

"As the more faithful among you know by now, we are working on an Assassin's Creed encyclopedia (well my human colleagues are, I mostly make sure they do it right). A huge task by all means," read a post on the UbiWorkshop site, spotted by CVG.

"So, we need somebody to help them advance the project. Make no mistake, this is a job offer, not some petty human crowdsourcing trick."

Applicants will need "excellent English writing skills", "an accurate knowledge of the Assassin's Creed universe" and "sharp organizational skills (the amount of information to collect and sort out is enormous)".

"Beginners can apply," insisted the listing, "we wouldn't want to miss out on someone passionate and talented just because he or she doesn't have a five-year experience."

To be in with a shot you'll need to send your particulars to volt@ubisoft.com, along with sample encyclopedia entries detailing two of the following: a main character of your choice, a secondary character of your choice, The Animus or an overview of a major historical event featured in the franchise.

There's plenty of material to draw from. As well as the three main titles and their DLC, there's also a number of handheld spin-offs, Facebook tie-ins, graphic novels, smartphone games and an animated short to consider. Best get thee to Wikipedia.

However, before you rush over to your bureau and dust off your letter writing kit, know this: the listing states that applicants who live in or near Montreal, Canada will have a headstart, although it hasn't ruled out the possibility of remote work.