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Ubi offers DLC to compensate for DRM

But ACII Black Edition owners not happy.

Ubisoft is said to be offering compensation to gamers who experienced problems with its controversial digital rights management system.

According to posts on the company's official forums, Assassin's Creed II owners are being sent the following message: "Following the recent temporary game server outages which may have caused disruption to some Assassin's Creed 2 players on PC only, we would like to reward your patience if you have experienced any problems by offering you some additional content - previously only available with special editions."

The content is comprised of maps previously only available with the premium Black Edition of the game. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who shelled out for the Black Edition and therefore own the content anyway are not too happy.

"It seems those who own the Black Edition are being compensated by receiving the Black Edition DLC," one poster wrote. "Surely wouldn't hurt to give your more loyal customers (BE owners) something a bit more useful than content we already paid extra for at launch."

Another poster claims to have been offered a full free game, from a choice of Hawx, Heroes Over Europe, EndWar and Prince of Persia. This is yet to be corroborated, however.

Ubisoft's new DRM system requires users to be online at all times while playing its games. The recent problems affected both Assassin's Creed II and Silent Hunter 5, and were attributed to an attack on Ubi's servers.

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