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Twitch lays off 400 employees as part of latest Amazon cuts

Blames "current macroeconomic environment".

Twitch's logo on a purple background.
Image credit: Twitch

More than 400 Twitch employees have lost their jobs as part of a further round of layoffs at parent company Amazon.

Amazon announced another 9,000 job cuts - in addition to the 18,000 layoffs it made in January - earlier today, with new Twitch CEO Dan Clancy confirming 400 employees at the streaming company would be affected by the decision.

As reported by Polygon, however, Twitch did not inform those impacted by the layoffs ahead of today's announcement. Instead, Clancy told employees in an all-staff email that everyone affected will be informed "no later than early next week".

"I'm disappointed to share the news this way before we're able to communicate directly to those who will be impacted, but it's important for you to hear directly from me confirming this difficult news," Clancy wrote in the email seen by Polygon.

In a public statement, Clancy blamed the layoffs on the "current macroeconomic environment, and user and revenue growth [that] has not kept pace with our expectations."

Today's news marks the latest in a wave of job cuts across the games industry, with Microsoft, Take-Two, Riot Games, Meta, and Hasbro all announcing layoffs in the last few months.